Read Aloud Lessons K-2

Hello! Welcome to the American History Knowledge Journey. First, please watch the Welcome Video. Next, select the journey you’d like to take by listening to the introduction for each journey.

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Colonial Towns and Townspeople

This unit introduces your student to an important part of American history: Colonial America. The Read-Alouds focus on what daily life was like and how different it was from life today.

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A New Nation

In this unit, your student will learn about the founding of the United States of America. Many historical figures and events are introduced as the story unfolds of how the thirteen colonies gained their independence from Britain.

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The War of 1812

This unit introduces your student to an important period in the history of the United States- the time during the War of 1812. Students will learn why the War of 1812 was often called America’s second war for independence.

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